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India is blessed with awe-inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful tiger reserves, where tigers roam wild and free and the jungles evoke visions from 'The Jungle Book'! In the pantheon of these tiger reserves stand two high and handsome, for they are the benchmark with which tiger sightings and occasionally tiger tourism is measured in India! One is large and drop dead gorgeous, the other one is compact, intense and iconic! While tigers look immensely beautiful in the ethereal Sal canopy and the never-ending grasslands of Kanha, Bandhavgarh's rocky terrain interspersed with meadows and Sal tracts makes tiger viewing probably the most fascinating experience in India! 

These are two of our most planned jungles and having done over a combined thousand departures to these reserves, we know what we are doing! 

From selecting the right safari zone (While Kanha has 4 zones for tourism, Bandhavgarh has 3) to ensuring we get the best tiger viewing and photographing opportunities, our fabulous team of naturalists, guides and well-trained safari drivers would leave you spellbound with their mastery of this craft! Our passion is infectious, our drive is contagious and our tiger tracking team is, well, very very good! Come to this fabulous tour where we do not waste any time doing anything but tracking the gorgeous tiger! This is Tiger Central and we live by it!