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Nothing gets grander than this. For the wildlife lover and the die-hard tiger fan in you, we have the right plan! This 16-day-long journey will take you through five of India's most revered and fabled tiger locales. For us, these reserves are love and magic, such are the stories they hold, the experiences they bestow. It is an absolute honor to undertake this tour, almost a pilgrimage of sorts.

We start with Ranthambhore, a forest which, in the true sense of the word, puts the 'royal' in the 'Royal Bengal Tiger'. Iconic tigers like Noor and Arrowhead grace the fabled landscapes of this iconic reserve and our team will ensure you are at the right spot at the right time to observe these fantastic tigers.

After exploring the ancient forest of Ranthambhore, we move onto the fabulous woods of central India! Tadoba is our first stop, aptly regarded as the world's best place to see a tiger in the wild! Maya, Choti Tara, Matkasur, Madhuri, Sharmili, Junabai are just some of the famous cats here! After making excellent images of tigers in Tadoba, we go to Pench. Pench's white sands, beautiful rolling hills and superb sightings of leopards, wild dogs and tigers will leave us enthralled. Mataram or Collarwali, a tigress who holds the world record for having given birth to 30 cubs till date, is Pench's most sought after tiger which we shall track.

Kanha and Bandhavgarh, two of central India's colossi. These are tiger reserves known throughout the world for their gorgeous landscapes, fabulous tiger sightings and opportunities to make landmark images of tigers in their natural habitat.

These are five of our most iconic jungles and having done over two thousand combined departures to these reserves, we know what we are doing!

From selecting the right safari zone to ensuring we get the best tiger viewing and photographing opportunities, our fabulous team of naturalists, guides and well-trained safari drivers would leave you spellbound with their mastery of this craft! Our passion is infectious, our drive is contagious and our tiger tracking team is, well, very, very good! Come on this fabulous tour where we do not waste any time doing anything but tracking the gorgeous tiger! This is the iconic Indian Tiger tour – the great tiger pilgrimage!