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Mumbai is a place like no other on the planet. The pace of life is frenetic, the sights and sounds are brain-numbing and the people are in staggering numbers. Yet, there is something beautiful, something wonderful about India's busiest and richest city! They don't call it a 'City of dreams' for no reason, for many a countless dream has been realized in this marvellos city!

The food scene in Mumbai is second to none, with mouth-watering street food joints to centuries-old Irani cafes to plush up-market fine dine restaurants overlooking the Arabian sea! It is a gastronomic sensation and a smorgasbord of different cuisines, similar to a New York or a London!

British era landmarks like the Victoria terminus and Prince of Wales museum are must-visits too, for in this bustling modern day metropolis, they take you back to a bygone era of a Mumbai that was still Bombay, of a city that was still a town, of an emotion that was still an inspiration.

Mumbai will bowl you over, make you wiser and richer in mind!

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Minimum 2 nights recommended.